Sunday, 27 January 2013

Instagram | 01

 Rainy morning | Curly locks | Winter trees
 Cherry blossoms in Canterbury | Sweet tooth | Winter sea
Boyfriend | Cooking for 9 | Footsteps
 New Year drinks | Morning dew | The sun showed up
 Toy soldiers | Gloomy day | Pub with the lads
 Airfix | Margate beach | The Fat Frog

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

What I Wore | Dusty Santa Hat

(dress and tights - Primark, boots - Tesco)

I picked out this dress on a whim from Primark whilst doing my Christmas shopping last December and it was on sale for £7. Tried it on and really liked it! I originally got another black and white paisley dress to wear for Christmas but my sister bought the same dress without me knowing so I opted for this one instead. (You always gotta have a backup!) I paired it with my trustee Chelsea boots from Tesco and also wore Primark's infamous super cosy tights because December days are always rather chilly. Oh, do you like my old and dusty Santa hat? x

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Over The Holidays

Okay, I may be a tad bit late on this but hey, at least I'm posting! Aha. No seriously, I just never really bothered to go online all that much over the holidays and I've been slacking since then. So apologies for my 'Christmas' posts being a month overdue, I'm sure you'll understand. Hee! I'm such a cheeky monkey, aren't I? Or maybe not. Haha! Anyway, here are some photos I snapped when I went home in December.

I know everyone's posting photos of the snow all over their blogs at the moment. *I wish I was.* But don't worry, I'll get there, eventually. I really don't know why I was born such a procrastinator. You would have thought that by now, especially with it being a new year, I would have started to change and get my act together. Then again, old habits die hard. Next up, What I Wore and What I Got for Christmas! x
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