Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Haul | Monochrome Dresses

Primark striped dress £7 (sale) | printed dress £7 (sale) | paisley dress £15

My staples are grey, black and white so it's no surprise that when the monochrome trend hit the shops, I began to gather as many items as I could providing my pocket could afford it. Haha! Some being dresses. I got these from Primark last winter and have already worn a couple of them since. I am also planning to wear them this spring and summer. They're great and can be easily worn on casual days or dressed up for occasions, etc. And guess what, I have my eye on more monochromatic items. I just can't get enough of them! Because you see, whenever a trend pops up in fashion that I admire, I often use it to my advantage to purchase pieces that I know will last me forever. Do you do that too? x


  1. Those prints look so beautiful, love that they have collars too!

  2. It's wonderful that you know your own style well enough so that you don't buy unflattering trends, but use the trends to get pieces that you really love. I've never shopped at Primark (from Texas, USA haha) but these look really cute!


  3. Happened to stumble upon your blog! It's awesome and those prints look gorgeous <3

    xo, Keith |

  4. Adorable dresses! I love the one in the middle.
    Wish we had a Primark here!

  5. Love these dresses, and great blog by the way!


  6. LOVE that primark dress gonna try hunt it down!! xx

  7. I was so happy when monochrome became really on trend,these dresses are really cute, I can imagine them looking nice in the summer like you said. I love your blog design and you have good folding skills too.
    Grace x


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