Sunday, 18 January 2015

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 Outfit of the day | Chocolate cake | Cat in a food coma
January | Train station outfit | View from the train
Zara dressing room | Topshop Easy Peasy | All black insignificance
Sunbathing bulls | Chicken katsu curry | London Euston
Cat nap | Coolest pub wall | Nike Free 5.0
Crisps at 3 o'clock | Cut outs | Washed, dried and laced

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Haul | What Santa Brought

Here's the majority of stuff I was given over Christmas and damn, was Santa and his reindeer good to me! Mostly makeup and beauty bits... a few bath bombs, a hair brush — because I apparently never brush my hair, a Paris themed storage box, some jewellery and a couple of knits. And yes, I have enough nail polish to last me a life time! I also got a bunch of sweets and chocolate but you don't need to see that. Anyway, I'm really happy and thankful for everything I received. Thanks mom, Jed and co! 

Little side note, I'm still catching up with blog posts that I didn't manage to write over the holidays but I only have one left so bear with me please. x

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

My 2014 Highlights

Hey y'all, it's been a while but here's my first official post for 2015! Funny enough, it's my 2014 highlights. It's kind of late but I've been really busy the past couple of weeks so here goes... Last year, I finished my fine art degree and exhibited 100 photographs as my final exhibit. I then graduated in July, which was awesome! Seriously, I couldn't have been any happier and relieved! No more essays, cramming, all-nighters and unlimited cups of coffee. That said, I have yet to figure out what I want to do with my life.

Summer consisted mostly of staying in Paris as my boyfriend now works and lives there. My family also came to visit and we all got a chance to explore the city together and drop by Disneyland. After that, I pretty much just started working for my mom's business, an online shop that sells craft supplies and kawaii stationery. My sister also moved to Belgium for an internship and has been staying there since September. We decided to spend Christmas in Paris with my boyfriend. It was so good, we had lots of fun, ate loads of food and enjoyed the festivities by the Champs-Élysées.

2014 was a good year for me but don't get me wrong, it wasn't all great, there were plenty of downs too but all in all, it was great! I'm actually really looking forward to 2015 and finding out what it has to offer. I hope everyone is enjoying the new year and I apologize for not posting anything in so long, life just got so hectic. Anyway, I will be posting a 'What I Got For Christmas' and '2015 Goals' after this. Yes, I am so behind, but oh well, that's me. x

Sunday, 11 January 2015

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Black type | Sunday roast | Not so hard at work
Late snack or very early breakfast | Digital drawing | I have annoying hair
Arroz Caldo | Eggs Benedict | Stop bothering me Moi
 Christmas | Hot chocolate | Greetings
Brownies with Cornish ice cream | Apple, blackberry and raspberry crumble | Red, black and green
Dinner | All he does is sleep | Sorting card off-cuts
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