Thursday, 30 January 2014

Skin System Toner

Skin System Toner £2

I use toners on a regular basis, mainly to bring back moisture into the skin after cleansing, refresh my face in the mornings and get rid of any leftover gunk before moisturising. In the last few months, I have used the Skin System Toner — available at Asda. I like this because it's cheap and does the job! Another great thing about this is that it doesn't contain any parabens, fragrance or any artificial colours. It contains 'antioxidant white tea extract and vitamin E to help fight first signs of ageing; aloe vera leaf juice and shea butter to leave skin feeling moisturised and refreshed.' Well, isn't that just music to the ears?

For £2 it doesn't seem like it would do a lot but I've honestly enjoyed using this. It replenishes the skin nicely and feels a lot like water. Also, it doesn't sting or irritate my skin in any way. Plus points for the packaging too, it's simple but sleek at the same time! I don't really have much else to say about this apart from that it's good and that I would probably repurchase it seeing as I'm pretty much out. Then again, I haven't tried many other toners, any suggestions? x

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

What I Wore | All Black Everything

 (shirt - ASOS, leggings - H&M, boots - Tesco, coat - Primark)

Although I try to inject as much colour into my wardrobe as possible, now and again I still end up in all black everything. Typical I know, but I love black! Who doesn't? Anyway, this one's not so bad as the shirt's embellished with little silver studs, which by the way make me look like I'm wearing a modern armour! I wasn't really sure how to style this one so I just opted for the good old leggings and boots combination. Then I popped on my dark navy coat from Primark. See, it's not all black after all! x

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Footwear | Leopard Print

Office shoes £5 (sale)

Here are the shoes that I featured in this outfit post and they're these Office leopard print velvet creepers which would you believe only cost £5? They were on sale when I got them and was pretty much an impulse buy. It's not very like me to purchase loud statement footwear but it would've been silly of me to pass these up when they were selling for so cheap. Even though I'm not the biggest fan of leopard print, I find that when styled properly and not overdone they can be pretty cool! x

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Instagram | 19

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Eating in the garden | Wimbledon Youzhny v Murray | Drinking and listening to birds
Dainty pub | Lazy cat | River Island dress, New Look jacket, Office shoes and Primark headband
Fruits of the forest cheesecake | Hunter's chicken | Mocha cookie crumble
 Primark dress and sunglasses with Office shoes | Strawberry and lime | At the quay
 Pub grub | Sunny day | Walk by the river

Saturday, 25 January 2014

Haul | Black, White and Silver

 New Look jumper £6 (sale) | leggings £12.99
H&M striped shirt £12.99 | ring £4.99 | set of rings £3.99

Just a few things, first a jumper from New Look that was on sale for only £6, I got this mainly because of the cut out on the back. Then a pair of striped leggings because the one I got from Boohoo was way too thin and I really wanted one with thinner stripes. From H&M, I got some silver rings and another striped top. x

Friday, 24 January 2014

What I Wore | Combined Fabrics

 (top - Wholesale-Dress.Net, jacket - Dorothy Perkins, leggings - H&M, shoes - Converse)

This was shot in late October and I've only just gotten around to posting it. Oooops! Here I wore this denim-jersey shirt along with some leggings, my trustee Converse and a leather-suede jacket. When I was thinking of a title for this look, it struck me that the top and jacket have combined fabrics! I don't think I even noticed on the day I wore it, so it's totally coincidental. Looking back, I kind of really like it actually. Mixing fabrics is such a nice way to break conventional garments and thinking about it, my wardrobe's got a handful! Oh and yes, I did cut my hair short... x

Monday, 20 January 2014

Footwear | White Boot

Missguided boots £26.99

When I first saw these boots on the Missguided website last year, I immediately decided to buy them. However, I've only worn them a couple of times. One, because I'm afraid of scuffing them and two, I haven't really figured out a way to style them yet. Although I'm hoping to wear them more in the next couple of months, especially if it snows! I just have this idea that they would look good paired with a sleek b&w outfit. What do you think? x   

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Haul | Cheap Finds at Primark

Primark cap £4 | sunglasses £2 | striped leggings £6 | printed trousers £9 | white crop top £3 | black crop top £2.50
boyfriend crop tops £3 each | striped shirt £10 | printed crop top £8 | cardigan £12 | bomber jacket £7 (sale) | 
playsuit £5 | aztec print dress £10

Another massive Primark haul! What can I say, eh? The place is amazing and they do such great bargains! First off I got a cap which is more of a 'fun' item and yeah I know, looking back I don't really know why I spent £4 on it either. Aha! Anyway, I also got these pair of circle reflective shades for only £2 then a pair of striped leggings and a printed pair of loose trousers. I also bought six crop tops in various styles, a white fitted one, a sleeveless black high neck, two boyfriend, a blue striped shirt and lastly, a zebra print one. That's enough crop tops to last me the entire year! And to keep me cosy while I'm in them, I got a waterfall cardigan as well as a nice b&w bomber jacket. The last two items are a monochrome playsuit and another b&w printed cut out dress. Yep I spend way too much money in Primark but what can you do, the place sucks all discipline out of you! Sorry, not sorry. x 

Saturday, 18 January 2014

What I Wore | Thrifted Oversized

(shirt - charity shop, cardigan - car boot sale, leggings - H&M, shoes - Office)

I used to love thrifting when I was still a teenager and it's been a while since I've been to any charity shops or gone car booting. That said, I have collected a few favourites throughout the years, one being this cardigan. I remember wearing this almost everyday when I was 17 and I still reach for it today. I love that it's so different! The oversize fit is perfect and it has such a genuine vintage feel to it. The shirt I'm wearing is also thrifted, I haven't worn it a lot but don't you think the print's just so cool? To finish everything off, I wore black leggings along with some leopard printed creepers which I got on sale from Office. I hope you're all having a great weekend and I'm sorry for the lack of posts lately but I will try to post more regularly in the upcoming weeks. x

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Instagram | 18

Loads of greens | Game of Thrones | Fresh burger
No Dad Dancing | They smell so good | Green
Pick n Mix | Lovely day out | Circles and triangle
 Pesto, cheese and plum tomatoes on spaghetti | Too pointy | Coffee and cheese toastie
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