Sunday, 14 July 2013

Instagram | 09

A bit much | Weekend | OOTN
Light and boats | Rump steak | Lotsa candles
I have a map | Mother and sister | It looks like Venice
Cornish breakfast | Hello gull | Keeping warm
Fire | Toast | Easter

Saturday, 13 July 2013

Haul | Dungarees and Shirts

Primark maxi skirt £10 | dungarees £12 | boyfriend shirts £3.50 each | printed top £5 | striped dress £5 | 
cross necklace £2 | pack of earrings £2.50 each | rings £3 | tights £3 | socks £2.50

Yea I know, another Primark haul — a bit overdue but oh well! Here I have a black maxi dress and some good old denim dungarees. I also bought some plain oversized roll up tees in three different colours. I mean, why not? They were only £3.50 each and they're pretty decent quality. Not to mention, I can wear them over and over again. Can't go wrong with a good basic! I also have that cold shoulder jumper I featured in an outfit post a couple weeks back, as well as this black and white stripe dress which surprisingly only cost £5! Lastly, a few accessories along with tights and socks. Not much of an exciting haul but I have a few more lined up plus I went to London for a day on Tuesday and bought some things so there should be plenty more hauls coming soon! x

Thursday, 4 July 2013

What I Wore | Yellow Acid Wash

(dress - Boohoo, shoes - Converse, necklace - Topshop)

As soon as I saw this dress online on Boohoo, I knew it was something I had to have. I got it along with a pair of leggings in the same fabric. I just love the look of subtle acid wash on denim! And this garment shows that off really well. Since it's summer, I thought it would be cool to pair it with my yellow Converse and chuck on my new black chain necklace from Topshop. I had so much fun wearing this dress and it's great because I know I'll still be able to wear in autumn and winter! x

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Footwear | Pink Flats

Primark flats £5

These are probably the girliest pair of shoes I own and they're so pretty! I thought they'd be perfect for spring/summer. You know, when you just wanna be a real girly girl. Besides, pretty much all my shoes are black! Sometimes, buying things you wouldn't normally wear can be really refreshing. It's just nice to always have an alternative to what you're used to. And who knows, one day it might come in handy! x
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