Thursday, 28 February 2013

Haul | Burgundy and Black

River Island skirt £16 | beanie £12
Topshop top £16 | sleeveless tee £12

Again, some items I got before Christmas. I was really into burgundy and oxblood back then and I still am. I think the Topshop lace top is still available and possibly the River Island skirt too. Also, the beanie was from the men's section as I find them so much cooler compared to the women's ones. I don't know, what do you think?

But yea, it's insane that I still have so many clothes I haven't worn yet from the last three months and they're literally all sitting inside paper bags in front of my bed. I would have sorted them out and put them away a long time ago if it weren't for my very limited amount of storage space here at uni. Gaahhh, the frustration! I cannot wait to get my own place and do it up the way I want to. Hahaha! Anyone else feel the same? x


  1. I love the river island skirt. My sister's got one similar and i always steal it ;) The beanie is awesome! And aha i know what you mean, i can't wait to get my own place (although i'm sure at least half of it will become clothes storage space!)
    -Kate xo

  2. these items are perfect! amazing style <3


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