Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Footwear | Studded Boots

 Ebay boots £34.99

You've probably already seen these boots as they have been everywhere in the past few months. They are my black studded boots, which I believe are derived from the original Chloe studded leather ankle boots. I got them on Ebay last year for £34.99 and I love them! It was hard for me to style these at first as I was never really a boots-type-of-girl until recently. (You'll see in my later posts!) But I find that wearing them with an all black outfit works really well as it gives the look a more edgy feel. It also works well with black trousers, leggings or jeans as well as dresses and leather skirts! 

There are versions of these boots everywhere, especially in the highstreet. I believe Topshop used to have one, Missguided had some too and loads of other stores sell very similar ones in case you're on the hunt for a pair. Although quite a few people have them, I find that they're still really cool to have because they spice up a look so effortlessly. Plus, you can rock them any season of the year! I seriously can't wait to wear these more with shorts and dresses! x


  1. They are so gorgeous! Love them!

  2. They are amazing, just enough detail and it doesn't go overboard! x

  3. Love these boots, the detail is amazing such a bargain from ebay as I think the topshop ones were about £60! x



  5. so jealous, iv been lusting over shoes like this for sooo long now! just gorgeous

    ordaining serendipity

  6. love these little boots ps your blog is lovely.


  7. I have the same boots! But i bought them from misguided! so comfy, love them xx


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