Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Haul | Urban Outfitters Sale

Urban Outfitters (all on sale) eternity scarf £10 | yellow snood £10 | leggings £10 | black scarf £5 | jumper £10 |
shirt £10 | tupac top £10 | tank top £10 | flasks £5 each | iphone cases £5 each | rug £8 | lens mug £5 | book £5

Urban Outfitters is one of those shops that stock really cool items but for quite hefty price tags. I'm all for things quirky and different but I personally wouldn't pay full price for most things in that store. It isn't that they're not great or worth the money, I just find that you can probably get the same items elsewhere for cheaper. Not to worry though as they do the best sales ever! Since the sales last Christmas and New Year, I've been constantly refreshing their site for cool bargains. Here are a few things I got last Winter. 

A lot of scarves I know, but I had to stock up while they were cheap! Plus I can see myself getting so much use out of these once the weather turns again. They're just so cosy! I also bought some clothes because... Well, that's just what you do, isn't it? My favourites are the burgundy jumper and the aztec print shirt. They're really nice and easy. Very lightweight too so they're perfect for this warm weather we're finally having! Also got some cute little things to add to my room, flasks for my table and a nice 'bonjour' moustache rug for the end of my bed. 

Then I got some cool iphone cases for £5 each which I thought was really good. Last couple of things were a lens mug and an 'I Am Maru' book. I have the black version of the lens cup already and thought I'd get this one too as I really like them. After all, I am a Photography student. Hee! The book was something that I thought was just really cute. Although, I ended up giving it to my mom because she loves cats. But yea, since buying these items, I've gone back and ordered some more from them which I'm hoping to feature on another haul soon. Hope you guys are having a great day! x


  1. wow, these items are amazing! I'm definitely jealous now <3


  2. Gorgeous scarfs! The little kitty book looks so cute x

  3. Ah i love everything you bought! Urban Outfitters is amazing
    Lucia's Loves


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