Sunday, 1 December 2013

Instagram | 16

Hello there MC | Mince with sprouts over rice and iced tea | Addicted to prints and cut outs
Snickers | Spicy ramen with egg | Barry M Mint Green
Random rash and frizzy hair | Need to clear out my wardrobe | Almond cake
Coffee, egg fried rice and meatballs | Topshop dress and Primark cardigan | What a bum
Happy hour | A dress and chucks kinda day | I like trees 
My desk and a load of stuff | Pesto mash, roasted carrots, apple sausages and Yorkshire puddings | 
White or blue


  1. lovely blog :)

  2. love these photos :)

  3. all of your breakfasts look so yummy!

    lindsey louise

  4. That dress is gorgeous (hope you got it!), and all of your food looks so yum! xx

  5. the almond cake looks so yummy and I love that dress! xx

  6. Super sweet photos. I wouldn't mind that pile of Snickers right about now! xx

  7. what a lovely round up! great photos!

    PS BE sure to enter my bath bomb giveaway!
    XO Sahra
    Que Sera Sahra


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