Monday, 19 November 2012

Little Introduction

Hello, my name is Moira and this is my blog! To start things off, I'd like to tell you more about myself and why I decided to create Litratista. I am a 19 year old girl who was born and raised in the Philippines but is now residing in the United Kingdom. I am in my second year of study at university doing a degree in Fine Art: Photography. I started blogging in 2007, but never really cared for it that much. However, today, I feel as though I can give it another shot and see where it gets me. I'd like for this to be an online-journal where I can just throw things in, talk about whatever and just express myself — as an individual, an artist, photographer, beauty enthusiast, traveler and whatever else fits the bill. Although I must say, I am not a very good writer so advance apologies for my very poor vocabulary and writing skills.

Anyway, you might be wondering what Litratista stands for, it is the Filipino translation of the word 'photographer' which I'd like to believe I can be and am, sometimes. So yea, I hope you guys enjoy my blog and I'll talk to you guys soon! x


  1. WOOOO! Moira, i miss your daily postings and cute outfits on Tumblr. I hope all is well with you and i wish you luck in everything. I cant wait to see your future postings ^_^

  2. Your blog look so nice already!!
    I started one the other day too -
    Just hoping I can keep posting!! :)

    M xx

  3. you're so pretty, i love your blog so much! xo

  4. Your blog seems great so far. I am also new to blogging and in my second year of university in the USA. Check my blog out when you have time:

  5. Love your pictures! i follow you!

  6. nailed the eyeliner!


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