Thursday, 29 November 2012

Topshop Nails in Eclipse

Topshop Nails in Eclipse £6

Last week, I picked up my very first ever nail polish from Topshop in the colour Eclipse. This immediately caught my eyes as I thought it would be cool to have another glitter polish that changed colours in different lights. My first one being, Barry M's Silvery Lilac 324. Although, I do love it and think the colour is really pretty, I find that it has more of a brass green tone rather than the dark turquoise green that shows when you first grab the bottle. I found out about this as soon as I applied that first coat and noticed the prominent amount of gold shimmer in the polish. Not to worry though! Hints of that nice dark turquoise undertone still appears in brighter light especially when you move your fingers around. Application wise, it was very smooth and I'm not sure whether it was the brush or the formula but I never went over my nails whilst using this polish which is really quite impressive. Oh, and plus points for drying up pretty quickly too! Definitely a polish worth all those pennies. x


  1. Hi! Love your blog and this post!:)
    Let's follow each other if you like.
    See you! xx

  2. Absolutely love this color! And your tattoo!!
    Like your blog girl!! ;) Will be back! x Sofie

    Ps. I've teamed up with Nelly in a Christmas Contest, where you can win 100 euro shopping money! Whooop :)

  3. I love this colour and also your triangle tattoo..


  4. Wow!! This looks amazing!!!! :)


  5. This is a GORGEOUS nail polish, it's so unique! x


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