Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Footwear | Black and Leopard Slip-ons

New Look leopard slip-ons £4 (sale) | black slip-ons £8

Flat shoes are great for everything, they're easy, comfortable and they go well with a lot of things. The less fuss the better! So when I saw these black and leopard pairs in New Look last Winter, I knew I just had to grab them. They're very reminiscent of the classic Toms but for a lot less. I've always thought of investing on a pair but didn't really think I would wear it all that often to justify the cost so I just settled for these. The leopard print one cost me £4 on sale whilst the black pair was on full price at £8. Not bad, huh? The quality may not be as good but I think they would still last me a while. Plus they're perfect for this season, not to mention on lazy days! x


  1. These look so much like Toms, love the leopard pair!


  2. You got them for such a deal! Cute shoes. xo

  3. ahh these are really nice ^^.
    especially the leopard print ones.


    chanelle x


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