Saturday, 20 April 2013

Haul | Dresses, Denim and A Hat

H&M cream dress £14.99 | orange dress £10 (sale) | hat £7 (sale)
Topshop green dress £26 | burgundy dress £20 | denim shirt £18 (sale)

I'm a dresses type of girl and I like sporting them the most during nights out, holidays and especially when the weather's nice. They're so easy and flattering! And as long as you're choosing ones that compliment and go with your body shape, there shouldn't be a problem! Personally, I prefer those that gather around the waist and then flare into a nice skirt. Just like this cream lacy dress and sheer orange dress I got from H&M. They are both so pretty and I cannot wait to wear them this Spring! My mom also paid for me to get this green and black aztec print dress along with a simple burgundy skater dress. Topshop dresses have the nicest fit and I love them, except they can really be expensive at times. Good thing my mom bought these for me! Hee. The other two things I got were a black hat that has a really wide brim and a simple light denim shirt, both of which I will also be sporting this summer. x


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