Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Haul | Primark Basics

Primark jeans £11 | flats £6 | socks £2.50 | cardigan £7 | skirt £10

When you're looking for amazing stuff that are cheap but still on trend, Primark is always a great place to go. Although not everything is of good quality, I find that sometimes it's just down to the items you choose and the way you care for them. In fact, with a tiny bit of luck and if you look properly, you might just walk out of there with the nicest things in hand. Some of the things I like to buy from there are basics. It's just always good to have nice and reliable items that you can easily fall back on during days when you're not at all feeling inspired or fashion-y. 

Here, I have one of their super soft skinny jeans in the lightest wash. I find this really great for whenever I'm not in the mood to wear leggings. It's the perfect shade of light denim which goes amazingly well with a lot of things plus it's going to look good over spring and summer! I also got a simple pair of black flats for when I'm feeling lazy or whenever I'm in a rush or just running errands. Also bought some socks because one can never have too many! The other two things I got were this nice aztec print cardigan, which I will be showing in an outfit post soon, and this burgundy speckled high-low skirt. Not the very basic of basics but are still good to have for making a look that bit more different without having to put so much effort into planning an outfit. Let me know what you think of the stuff I got and if you like shopping at Primark too! x


  1. Everything is so cute, especially the cardigan! (:

    fashionlei styled

  2. I love your black loafers. Cute cardigan too x

  3. Great items, love the jeans and skirt! <3

  4. i loved primark when i went to england! so cute, i followed your blog too :) xx

  5. great haul, super jealous wish there was a primark here!
    and thanks for commenting on my blog :)



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