Monday, 10 June 2013

Footwear | Basic Black Flats

Primark flats £6

This is a bit of a boring post but hey, not everyone can walk in heels as often as they'd like to — and comes in the flats! I think everyone needs to own at least one good pair that they can easily rely on. Although I have a few, I like to have a couple that are pretty basic for simple and casual days. Also, they can go with a lot of things yet still maintain the focus on whatever you're wearing. Here's one from Primark, I love that it has a slightly different cut and that it's so comfy and fits so well. The printed inner fabric is a really cool touch too! It's perfect for those lazy days when all you want is for your feet to feel comfortable and be able to run errands at ease. And at £6, it really hardly breaks the bank! x


  1. I am not one to wear heels often, I love my flats being that I live in NYC walking down these blocks are crucial in 4 inch stilettos. These flats are perfect for here and everyday errands.. Great post!\

  2. i think i'll definitely go around some stores trying on different pairs and then i'll just get them online, since they're often a bit cheaper when ordered than bought in store!

  3. I've been looking for a new pair for ages! So wishing there was a Primark in Australia! x

  4. Love black flats, they go with everything and are so comfy!

  5. i agree, i want to buy flats nowadays but after I see some heels. Heels won my heart.

  6. ooh lovely plain flats, everyone needs a pair! Sometimes heels and boots just dont go with outfits.
    Plus these are really great for £6, considering how quickly I go through shoes would be perfect for me! x

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