Friday, 7 June 2013

Haul | Bits and Bobs from Primark

Primark bag £12 | tank tops £2.50 each | denim shirt £12 | striped maxi dress £8 | midi dress £7 | blue necklace £3 |
triangle necklace £2 | set of 12 earrings £2.50 | ring £1.50 | skull earrings £2 | triangle earrings £2.50

Another Primark haul, I just can't resist that place! The low prices just lure you in and next thing you know you're paying for a bunch of stuff you probably don't even need. This is often the scenario for me, this time with accessories! Primark can sometimes be really good with their jewellery and for some reason I ended up with a bag full of them — a couple necklaces, some earrings and a ring. To be honest, I have no idea what went through my head when I got these as I haven't really worn any, apart from the small triangle necklace and some studs from the pack of 12. It's weird because on a normal day, I wouldn't have even gone for the others that I bought. Now, I'm faced with having to figure out a way to wear them in outfits and I still haven't succeeded. Aha!

However, I also got some things which I know I'd get wear out of. One being this nice pleather backpack which is perfect for summer but can also be worn throughout the year. I've already used it once and it's perfect! The fabric is quite soft and it offers a lot of space for all of the junk I carry around with me everyday. Next, I got a couple of vest tops just because they're really easy to use for layering and as go-to tops for simple and casual looks (i.e. under a blazer or with skirts, etc.). 

And I knew as soon as I saw this denim shirt with black mesh sleeves that I had to have it. It is such a cool take on the denim trend and the mix of textures is just perfect for making an outfit that bit more fun and edgy. Also, continuing on with my maxi/midi dress infatuation, I grabbed this striped maxi dress along with this simple grey midi tank dress which I both love. Long dresses have just been calling out my name left, right and centre, and how can I not say no? They're so easy and they just look amazing either dressed up or worn casually. I can see myself wearing these loads over summer and even during fall, possibly even winter! x


  1. Great bits! I love those necklaces! I wish I saw them when I was in there the other day!

  2. These necklaces are to die for!

  3. I love that bag! I might have to go to Primark and see if I can pick it up
    Lucia's Loves

  4. That backpack is awesome! I visited family in London back in October and I didn't get the chance to go to Primark. They were everywhere and I regret not going to one while I was there! Next time for sure.

    Love your blog, I'll definitely follow you on bloglovin' :)


  5. Primark have surprised me lately- they've stocked some impressive jewellery haha. So gorgeous. Love the triangle pendant that you've posted :)

    Ruth x

  6. I love Primark when I'm in London! The backpack is awesome x

  7. Lovely items...

    xx Mounia

  8. Loving the backpack + tank tops hun! Congrats on your new purchases.

    Complacency Kills

  9. All that jewellery looks gorgeous - Primark does so well sometimes xx

  10. Wow, I love every single item you got from Primark!
    It's such a shame that we don't have one in Luxembourg - I definitely need to go on a small trip again and do some retail therapy in Primark.

    Your blog is lovely, I'm following you now :)

    Check out my blog?

  11. amazing bag!

  12. Love the bag and the jewelry! <3

    xo, Keith |

  13. i really like those two necklaces! really annoyed that I don't have any possibility to shop at primark where I live

  14. Funny, I've got the same shirt from primark ! It's definitely the best shop in the UK. And I really miss it now that I'm back in my dear country, Belgium :)
    But I just wanted to say that your blog is really nice ! I like your style :)


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